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Asset Purchase Price

The Asset Purchase Price corresponds to the facility value of the Production Units. There are no Transaction Costs, Reserve Accounts and Net Current Assets (Methods of Payment) included. The Asset Purchase Price corresponds to the Purchase Price of all facilities at fair value at the transaction date. Therefore, the price is not to be mistaken as the Balance Sheet total of the project company. The Residual Capex is derived from the Asset Purchase Price as all Capex costs with "Included in Asset Purchase Price" = yes are subtracted.

Input FieldDescriptionUnitPresetting

Transaction Date

Transaction date input

Month and year

actual month and year

Asset Purchase Price

Asset Purchase Price input in Currency or in Currency / kW or in Currency / MW.


Hurdle Rate

The hurdle rate builds the threshold value for several calculations and graphs, for example for the net present value at transaction date.

The hurdle rate input is in reference to the Cashflow to Equity and therefore as Equity IRR.