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Which functions fulfills the contact list?

Every contact on your contact list can be chosen form the access right dropdown in your projects to share it. By default every user with which you shared a project once is added to your contact list.

Can I add a contact manually to my contact list?

Yes, by clicking on "Add" you can add contacts to your contact list. You can now choose these contacts in your access right dropdown to share a project with them.

Is a user informed when I add him to my contact list?

When you add a user manually to your contact list he can't retrace this action. He is only informed when you share a project with him.

How can I delete a contact from my contact list?

Click on the -icon besides the corresponding email address.


 Remove a user from your contact list has no influence on the access rights of projects. You have to delete the access rights of your projects additionally (Compare - How can I delete existing access rights?).

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