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Each Sale entity is assigned to one of the two Interaction Groups "Feed-in-Tariff" or "Market Price". Within a group the Sales are accumulated. The two groups can interact as following:

  • Conservative
  • Opportunistic
  • Cumulative
  • Market Premium

Price Interaction

Interaction between Market Price and Feed-in-Tariff group per Productions Unit


The Feed-in-Tariff group is valid for the particular Production Unit until the Sales reached their end, regardless if the Market Price group would achieve higher Sales.


If the Market Price group generates higher Sales these rate are used for the calculation, regardless if the Feed-in-Tariff group has reached his end.


Accumulation of the two groups.

Market Premium

When the Market Price group is below the Feed-in-Tariff group, the difference between the two groups will be leveled by the Market Premium.



Interaction affects the Sales calculation.