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(Project, Equity and Payout)


DSCR = internal financed components of the operative Cashflow(t) / Debt Service referred to the Look Back Period

Full-load Hours

Full-load Hours = Production Amount per year / Power

Capacity Factor

Capacity Factor = Full-load Hours / ha

with ha = hours per year (8760 h)

Sum Production AmountSum Production Amount = Production Amount x Project Lifetime
\mathrm{LCOE} = \frac{\sum^T_{t=0} \frac{ \mathrm{Sales}_t - \mathrm{Cashflow to Equity}_t}{ (1 + \mathrm{Hurdle Rate})^t}}{ \sum^T_{t=0} \frac{\mathrm{Production}_t}{(1 + \mathrm{Hurdle Rate})^t}}

t=0: Valuation Date

t=T: Project end

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