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Method of Payment

Methods of Payment act for the calculation off effective cashflows in the Cashflow statement (contrary to expenses and incomes according to the Profit & Loss statement).

Methods of Payment can be allocated to the following input entities:

Methods of Payment are included in the financial model per Transaction Date (TRX) at the earliest. Date inputs before Transaction can be entered but aren't included in the calculations until Transaction (Value = 0). Possible Open Items, for example Sales Receivables, which are transferred by Transaction can be entered as Open Item.

When no Method of Payment is used, the Profit & Loss statement is consistent with the Cashflow statement. Affected net current assets have a value of 0 in the Balancesheet.

Input FieldDescriptionUnitInfluencePresetting


Method of Payment name, for example "Interest Payment"Free textDescriptive"payment"

First Invoicing

Date of the first invoicing with a Date Choice Box, for example "first invoicing at Transaction", that is TRX + 0 months.

Date Choice BoxCashflow statementTransaction + 0 months


Frequency of the payments since the first invoicing, for example "quarterly", that is every 3 month.

MonthsCashflow statement1 month


Payment target in months, for example "payment 60 days after issuing of the invoice", that is 2 months.MonthsCashflow statement0 months


Methods of Payment affect Sales calculations, Opex calculations, Debt calculations, Tax calculations and Shareholder Loan calculations.