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Open Items

Open Items are used for the transfer of net current asset positions per Transaction Date (TRX).

The positions with a Date input before Transaction and with no explicit value at Transaction are available (for example: Capex, Debt Tranches, Shareholder Loans, Transaction Expenditures). Net current asset positions arise particularly when Methods of Payment are used, thus:

Input FieldDescriptionUnitPresetting


Open Item entity nameFree text"Open Item" + Index


The following accounts are available:

Sales Receivables


Reserve Account Interest Receivables

Reserve Accounts

Opex Payables

Opex entities

Tax PayablesTaxes

Debt Interest Payables

Debt Tranches

Sales Receivables


Open Item transfer value in Currency (= Value per Due Date)Currency0

Due Dates

The Due Date of the Open Item is set with a Date Choice Box. For example: "Due Date 2 months after Transaction", this means Transaction + 2 months.

With "+" additional Due Date can be added. In the associated fields to the right the value is spread over the different Due Dates.

With Due Dates before and simultaneously with the Transaction Date (TRX) the entered Value is ignored.

The entered month corresponds to the last day of this month. For example: A Due Date 01 /2015 means that the cost occurs per 01.31.2015.

Date Choice Box in combination with percent of valueTransaction + 1 Month


Open Items affect the Open Item calculation.