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Production Units

The sites respective the productions units include all relevant input information for the energy production per unit.

As long as the input data considering the start date of the production and the potential is homogeneous, the following examples apply as production unit:

  • a single facility (for example "wind generation turbine 1")
  • a group of facilities (for example "wind generation turbines 1-5")
  • a whole wind park (for example "wind park xy")






Production Unit Name

The production unit name.Free textDescriptive"Production Unit" + Index

Start Date

The production unit commissioning date. The start date input is to a month precise.

The entered month refers to the first day of this month (inclusive). For example: Start date 01 / 2015 means the site starts producing on the 01.01.2015.

Month and yearTime seriesactual month and year

End Date

End date of the Production defined through a Date Choice Box. For example: "Production Unit Start + 20 years", what means the Production Units produces for 20 years.

Month and yearTime series0 years

Production Unit State (Output)

Under Construction, if transaction date < production start date
Turnkey, if transaction date = production start date
In operation, if transaction date > production start date



Installed power of the production unit.


  • kW / kWp
  • MW / MWp
  • GW / GWp
Full-load Hours0 MW

Potential P50

Long-term average energy production before losses and in P50 scenario (resp. before Safety Reduction). The potential is normally from a production assessment. For wind parks there is often a value after park losses which is used. In this case there are no separate losses from shadings.


  • kWh/a
  • MWh/a
  • GWh/a
Production0 MWh/a
Full-load Hours (Potential P50)

Full-load Hour are a calculated size.

Full-load Hours = Production amount per year / Power


Material (Technology = Biomass)

Biomass input or output of the project, for example wood chip or fertilizer. The entered values can be used as driver in the Sales and Opex section.

If a biomass site needs for example 1'000 t/a input material, this value can be charged in the Opex section with the driver "Material" for 10 EUR/t for example.

If a biomass site produces for example 200 t/a fertilizer as side product, this output can be remunerated with the driver "Material" for 50 EUR/t for example.

If input as well as output material shall be considered for a production unit, you have the generate an additional production unit, which has only an input value at material.


  • kg/a
  • t/a
  • kt/a
Production0 t/a


Production Units affect the Production calculation.