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Opex Components:



 The Potential P50 depends on the Monthly Distribution.

With Monthly Distributions the energy production distribution over different months can be specified. The production over all months is 100%. By default each month has a production percentage of 8.33% = 100% / 12 months. The input can be either in percentage or in absolute values.

 The Potential PN depends on the Confidence.

The Production amount gets affected by Standard Deviation and p-Value. With the help of these two values, you can calculate the Safety Reduction between the Reference Scenario (PN) and the P50 Scenario.

Safety Reduction = 1 - (Production PN / Production P50)

 The Production PN depends on the Losses of the Production Units.

Loss Mode

With losses production diminishing factors can be considered. The losses are multiplicative linked.

If cable- and transformer losses reduce the production by 2% and grid losses by further 3%, the Production Units have a efficiency of 95.06% = 100% x ((1 - 2%) x (1 - 3%)).

Efficiency Mode 

The efficiency sets the efficiency of the Production Units in percent.

When a facility has a guaranteed availability of 97% the Production Unit has a efficiency of 97% = 100% x 97%

Degradation Mode

Degradation is an "age discount", which defines the percentage the Production Unit decreases with increasing lifetime. Degradation is a dynamic amendment over time series. It's set in percentage per year, but the decrease occurs every month.

A facility with a yearly Degradation of 1.5% and a Production of 100 MWh/a respective 8.33 MWh in the first month has the following Production and Efficiency:

Production in MWh per Month8.338.328.318.308.298.28...7.84
Efficiency100%99.8899.7599.6399.5099.38 94.17%

The particular Efficiency is calculated as follows:

Efficiency(t) = Efficiency x (1 - monthly Degradation)t
Efficiency(06.2016) = 100% x (1 - (1.5%/12))5 = 99.38%

The displayed Efficiency for each Production Units and for the total park shows the average Efficiency over the whole Project Lifetime.

Loss Interaction

All loss modes are multiplicative linked. The Efficiency of a facility with an availability of 97%, cable- and transformer losses of 2% and a Degradation of 1.5% is calculated as follows:

Efficiency(t) = 100% x (1 - Lossesi) x Efficiency x (1 - Degradation)

The Efficiency after 15 months (Start = 0) is 93.64%:

Efficiency(15) = 100% x (1 - 2%) x 97% x (1 - 1.5% / 12)15 =  93.29%

 The Production amount depends on the Production Units.

The Production amount depends on the Potential P50, on the Security Cut resulting from the selected p-Value and from the Standard Deviation, on Losses (Loss, Efficiency and Degradation) and on the Monthly Distribution.

The electricity production is calculated according to the following formula:

Production PN(t) = Potential P50 x (1 - Security Cut) x Efficiency(t) x Monthly Distribution(t) x Active(t)

with Active(t) = 1 if t >= Start and t < End; otherwise Active(t) = 0

Key Data

Full-load HoursFull-load Hours = Production amount per year / Powerh/a
Potential PNPotential PN = Potential P50 x (1 - Confidence)MWh/a
Production PNProduction PN = Potential PN x EfficiencyMWh/a

Efficiency = 100% x (1 - Lossesi) x Efficiency x (1-Degradation)t

For the Loss mode "Degradation" the average value over the Project Lifetime is shown.