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New Features

  • You can find the LCOE (levelized cost of electricity) in the overview section of each project
  • We improved the asset purchase price solver. It is now even simpler to find the asset purchase price according to your hurdle rate
  • The maximum lifetime of a project was increased to 90 years. Now you can even valuate hydro projects with very long lifetimes
  • New tooltips make green[::]match even more easy to use
  • Relations between entities were moved (directly below the value)
  • Search functionality in the contact list was improved

Further Improvements

  • Groups within GM Collaborator were deactivated. Now the contact list serves this purpose
  • The payout restriction that dividends are always paid in December is now displayed in a transparent way
  • There is now a notification before expiration of the trial period
  • The DSCR is displayed in the table with 2 places after the comma
  • When you click on a project list a loading icon is shown
  • Enhancements in labelling

Bug Fixes

  • Externally financed reserve accounts are not included in the investment and cash return indicators on level adjusted free cashflow anymore
  • Production unit start and production unit end are hidden in relative date references for project specific drivers
  • Improved way of displaying the number of shares in the project list

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