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New Features

  • GM Example Projects: In GM Valuation, you find new sample projects that show how you can model projects with various technologies and specific issues in greenmatch. To access the example projects, just click on "Get Example Project" in the GM Valuation project list.

    Note: We will continuously expand the Example-Marketplace by adding new projects.

  • GM Welcome-Page: We have improved the greenmatch welcome screen in order to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get started with the professional software. You can now access a tutorial project, tutorial videos, support chat, and example projects directly from the welcome screen. Click on the greenmatch logo within the app to reach the welcome screen.



  • The description in GM Valuation Projects can now be found at the top of the respective tab. This description is displayed minimised if there is no text.
  • We have moved the Fimo Checks from the overview tab to the fimo tab.
  • We have improved the Fimo Check wordings.
  • Wie have made several improvements in the investor tab.

Release Date

2nd April 2017

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