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New Features

 greenmatch Log-File 

  • Change History and Restoring of GM Valuation projects: Now you can see which greenmatch user has made a change to a GM Valuation project at which time. You can also restore all old versions of your projects.

    Note 1: When a project is shared with a user, the user can only see the change history after the time of sharing.
    Note 2: The change history and the restoration of projects is only possible as of May 20, 2017. It is not possible to create a retroactive history or to restore project versions that were created before 20 May 2017.

Location input of individual production units

  • In GM Valuation, you can now assign a location to each production unit. This location ist displayed in the detailed view of the individual production unit.

Context-based creation of price templates and basic interest rates

  • Create templates directly where you need them: Now you can also create price templates and base rates directly from the object you want to apply the templates to.


  • Simplification of sales input: The selection of the price interaction of feed-in tariffs and market prices does not appear until a feed-in tariff as well as a market price has been entered.
  • The Hurdle Rate Solver can be found directly in the "Capex" section.

  • You can only edit the transaction date in the "Capex" section. This input can no longer be found in the "Transaction" section.

Bug Fixes

  • The exit value of Capex items that had a depreciation start before transaction was calculated incorrectly in certain particular cases. This bug has been fixed.

Release Date

20th May 2017

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