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New Features

Model Option-Based Components

  • With option-based components for Opex objects you can for example model performance related maintenance contracts. An option-based component consists of a base fee and a performance-related fee.
    Example: Additionally to the base fee a performance related fee of 1c€/kWh incurs if the production exceeds 7.000.000 kWh.

    A step by step guide on how to model option-based components can be found in our Knowledge Center.


Marketplace Improvements

  • You can now write a message when you request access to a project on the GM Marketplace. In this message you can present your company and affirm your interest in the suggested transaction.


Order Opex positions using Drag & Drop

  • Now you can arrange the order of Opex items individually using drag & drop.


Release Date

27th November 2017

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