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New Features 

Create custom reserve accounts

  • You can now create reserve accounts with custom savings. For example, you want to accrue a reserve account from December 2025 until December 2035 and you make a payment of a constant amount of 100.000 EUR every 12 months. This reserve is released in December 2040. You can use the custom reserve mode to model this and all other cases.

    To model a custom reserve, you must create or edit a reserve in the "Debt" section and select "Custom" from the "Value" drop-down menu.

Request insurance enquiries directly on greenmatch

  • You can now request insurance enquiries for full insurance, machinery breakage, third party liability, breakdown and other insurance directly via greenmatch. Please leave a short description of your project and describe the desired insurance. Greenmatch will contact you in order to coordinate the further procedure for your insurance enquiry with you.

    To request insurance, click on "Check your Insurance" when creating an insurance item and complete the form.


Release Date

10 March 2019

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