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The confidence converts the potential (as expected value of the production, P50) to the reference scenario (for example P75). The confidence is calculated from the standardized normal distribution with the p-value and standard deviation.





Project Lifetime

The technical lifetime of a power plant is indicated in years. The site is producing the entered number of years starting at commissioning.

When the commissioning is for example on the 02.01.2013 with a lifetime of 20 year, the site is producing till 31.01.2033.

YearsTime series-


Entry of the desired reference scenario for the exceeding probability of the production. For Example: "exceeding probability of 75%, P75", that means the production is in 25% of all cases worse than described.

PercentConfidence 50%

Standard Deviation

Standard deviation of long term mean electricity production according to the production assessment, for example "14%".


Wind: 15%

PV: 5%

Safety Reduction (Output)

The Safety Reduction is a calculated size. The Production amount gets affected by Standard Deviation and p-Value. With the help of these two values, you can calculate the Safety Reduction between the Reference Scenario (PN) and the P50 Scenario.

Safety Reduction = 1 - (Production PN / Production P50)



The Confidence affects Production calculation.